Philippine Adoption Program

Holston Home has a long-standing relationship with the InterCountry Adoption Board (ICAB) of the Republic of the Philippines. We have three different programs within the Philippine program.

The traditional program is for families who are interested in adoption of children with minimal needs under the age of 5. This program’s current wait time is around three years after the family is placed on the roster of approved applicants. For further information on this program, contact our adoption specialists.

The Special Home Finding Program is for families willing to adopt youth who are older, sibling groups of three or more, or children with developmental and/or medical needs. Families who are approved for this program will receive a regular list of the children who are waiting for adoptive homes. This list is sent to Holston by the Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) and is then given to families in the Special Home Finding Program. The wait time in this program depends on the families’ openness and ability to parent various needs. For more information on this program, contact our adoption specialists.

The final program is for those who wish to adopt a relative from the Philippines. The Relative Adoption Program is coordinated through ICAB and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). We help families in the United States attempting to adopt a relative who meets the requirements of DSWD’s relative adoption program. For more information on this program, contact our adoption specialist.

Types of Children Available:

2 years to 15 years old

More boys than girls; families requesting a child younger than 7 years old may not specify gender of child desired

Sibling groups and multiple births (twins) are available

Healthy children and children with mild to moderate medical conditions

The children are of Asian/Malay/Spanish descent

Children have been cared for in orphanages or in foster care placements

Types of Families accepted:

Couples must be married at least three years

Single parent applications are being accepted if parents are willing to adopt youth older than age 8 with some minor special needs.

Adoptive parents must be 27 to 47 years old (there is some flexibility on the upper age if seeking an older child)

A maximum of 45 years age gap between the adoptive parents and the adoptive child (except in cases where the circumstances will be favorable for the child).

Parents must be at least 16 years older than the child desired

The Philippines has a one-year rule, which requires a family to wait two years from the birth or adoption of one child before an adoption application can be filed

ICAB requires practicing Christian families

Preference is given to childless or Filipino-heritage families

Travel Requirements:

At least one parent must travel; both parents are encouraged to travel

Only one trip is required. Plan for a stay of 4-5 days in the Philippines. This allows you to meet the child and to build a relationship with the child before you share the trip back to the USA. It also provides you with a chance to see the orphanage or foster home and visit ICAB.

Time Frames:

Dossier to Match – 30 to 48 months for traditional program. Can be shorter depending on family’s openness to special needs.

Match to Travel – approximately 4 to 6 months.

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