1895 Club Logo

What is the 1895 Club?

Holston Home established the 1895 Club as a program to recognize and honor donors who make an annual gift (calendar year) of $1,000 or more to support our ministry to children.

Why is it called the 1895 Club?

Our ministry began in 1895 when children were first brought into the shelter of the home. 1895 is a reminder of Holston Home’s blessed history and how God is growing this ministry for His glory.

How do I acquire Annual Membership?

Membership into the 1895 Club is acquired by giving at least $1,000 in a calendar year. You may give to any of our mailings or Friends of Children events. Friends of Children sponsors will be recognized as 1895 Club members. We want you to continue giving to the programs and services for which you are the most passionate and interested. For example, you can give one $1,000 gift or you might give five $200 gifts – whatever makes the most sense for you as long as the sum of your annual giving equals at least $1,000 for the calendar year. If you are currently giving more than $1,000 annually, THANK YOU and please continue giving at the level of support that meets your philanthropic goals. To recognize donors who go above and beyond $1,000 annually there are additional gift categories to highlight your charity.

Why is the 1895 Club important?

What are the Gift Categories?

Bronze member$1,000 – 1,894
Silver member$1,895 – 4,999
Gold member$5,000 – 9,999
Platinum member$10,000 and above

What is the Criteria for Membership?

How will 1895 Club members be recognized for their support?

Donors to Holston Home expect their gifts to be stretched to extend the best possible care to hurting children. So we want to recognize you while being good stewards of the gifts given.

1895 Club members will receive:

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and for giving to support children at Holston Home. I am excited about 2019, the children who will learn to love Jesus, and the lives we will see transformed in His name.