A Word from the President

Dear Friend,

In the business world a satisfied customer and a positive testimonial can be powerful marketing tools and the most meaningful compliment for your services. However, at Holston Home we pray that we could be out of business because that would mean all children are safe and thriving in healthy families where the only trauma is related to a school age crush gone bad or a poor grade on a biology test. A few weeks ago we received a call that left us with mixed emotions due to these competing goals.

Lance, a young man that we cared for several years ago, called and asked us to help his little brother. Lance left us and has done well as a young adult. He went to work as a corrections officer and recently became concerned for his younger brother, Ethan. The home environment had deteriorated and their grandmother was trying to raise Ethan. We also learned Ethan was abused by his physician. Here was one more example where trust was violated, and an adult had let him down. He was angry at life, and it showed at school and in his grandmother’s home. Lance called us and shared how much he had learned here and how loved he felt. He wanted those same things for his brother, and Holston Home was the only one he knew that would not let Ethan down. Our admission counselor cried when she hung up the phone, touched by Lance’s gratitude and broken-hearted over Ethan’s situation.

Ethan is here now and is feeling safe and cared for. His grandmother was overjoyed when he arrived. She knew she wasn’t able to care for him but told us that she had been praying that he could come here like Lance. She has been visiting Ethan regularly and he is doing very well. He joined Holston Home’s basketball team and has volunteered with a group of our kids to serve at the local animal shelter.

It is an incredible honor for God to entrust young lives to our care. I’m reminded of what Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” That is why He came and it is why He has called Holston Home to continue His work. We are a team of “doctors”, and you are part of this team. Without your faithful prayers and gifts, we couldn’t do what we do. I imagine that our Heavenly Father also looks forward to this broken world going out of business so that the hurts of children are no more. Until that time may we remain steadfast, as adults that young people like Ethan and Lance can count on. Thank you for being a part of this healing ministry!

In Christ,